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Irrigation Installation

Watering Lawns Once System At a Time 


Our Process

We enjoy meeting with our clients to speak about their next irrigation installation. To further be able to provide healthy green lawns.


First, we will meet and walk around your property and speak over how many zones your system will need. We will then send a quote via email 


Next, after approval, we will effectively plan the systems mapping to ensure proper watering for your entire lawn and flower beds.


Then, we install the system as planned, quickly, and efficiently to provide you with a professionally installed system with quality materials.


Finally, your system has been installed, leaving you worry-free about your plants and lawns' health.

Our Service 

Take your lawn and garden beds to the next level

Whether you have an old lawn irrigation system or you’re looking to implement one for the first time, our team of experienced technicians can provide reliable, money-saving solutions for peace of mind when it comes to your sprinkler installation.


Smart Irrigation Systems

We install irrigation systems tailored to your yard to capture every inch of your lawn and flowerbeds. Our intelligent controllers can achieve substantial water savings anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. In addition, our skilled techs ensure each step of the construction process is properly done with only the highest quality materials for a long-lasting system.


Additional Zone Installation

Have a new area that needs watering? We got you covered, our techs can efficiently add additional zones to your existing system without a problem. 

Irrigation Repair

Our techs repair all irrigation problems; whether it's a water line repair or any other leaking components pertaining to your existing system, we've got you covered.


Backflow Installation

Ensuring you have a functional backflow preventing system is crucial to your irrigation system to keep contaminants from getting into the freshwater supply. Don't run through the possibility of contaminating your drinking water,



Our professionals are trained to use the blowout method for winterizing systems. They are also prepared to summarize your system for hotter months by ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your sprinkler system. We arrive with all the necessary safety equipment and the proper air compressor, ready to answer your questions and get to work.

"Ruben installed my sprinkler system almost 15 years ago and he did an outstanding job. He still maintains the system today. His service is fast, reliable, and professonal at very reasonable prices. I highly recommend Reuben Garcia as your first choice to install or maintian your irrigation system."

- Richard Johnson

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