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Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

Tree Care

Leave it to the Professionals

Our Services

Apply exceptional curb appeal to your yard with our services

Tree Removal

Removing a tree from your property can be a difficult and tricky task. Tree Removal Services can be dangerous and require a great deal of experience. A homeowner should never try to remove a large tree on their own. Trust our experienced tree removal and cutting services. We provide you with exceptional tree removal service from our years of experience.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

Tree Pruning

Pruning helps improve the health of a tree. It is a tree maintenance procedure and makes a tree aesthetically pleasing. If neglected, a tree could make your entire yard look rather shabby and increases the risk of potential injury to someone or your property. Our experts safely execute the job without getting your hands dirty.

Storm & Wind Damage 

When the winds pick up from storms, older and weaker trees could fall. When that happens, property damage to your home or property can occur. That’s why we offer Emergency Tree Removal Services in the Northern VA 

Stump Removal

Tree stump removal and tree stump grinding will allow your lawn to look beautiful, make the area safer, and frees up area for other plants or area use. After a tree has been cut down, tree stump removal still needs to happen. This is most commonly done by grinding with specialized equipment.

Land Clearing

Do you want to expand your yards train to have a more usable area? Our team provides end to end solutions from tree removing, grading, and hardscape installation for you to then enjoy your expanded yard

"Garcia's Landscaping was very professional, working quickly and efficiently on our front and back yard this past week. They were tasked with tree removal, stump grinding, trenching, and laying conduit. Mr. Garcia and his staff listened to all our concerns and did an outstanding job completing the project, removing all debris, and left our property in excellent condition. This company pays attention to detail and the staff was friendly, hard-working and receptive to our needs. I would highly recommend this company and look forward to having them do more projects in the near future."

- Sandy Seagle

Cutting Woods

Our Process

We enjoy meeting with our clients to speak about their next tree service.


First, we will meet and walk around your property and speak over your concerning trees. We will then send a quote via email 


Next, we will examine the project and have a plan to safely remove the tree.


Finally, the work has been done without your hand getting dirty.

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